Becker Appliance
Becker Appliance
2729 S Broadway
EnglewoodCO 80113
 (303) 781-0146

Reviews Of Becker Appliance

4.88 120 Reviews
Carolyn Standish
Aug 25, 2017

Sue Legg-Matthews
Aug 22, 2017

Great customer service at the store.They cleaned and showed me how to get the drips out of the glass front of a stove.Made it look brand new. 3 appliances for the price of one, with delivery,set up and taking away the old appliances too.

Aug 20, 2017

Greta appliances in good condition at a fraction of retail price.

Cindy Smith
Aug 13, 2017

I have been going to Becker for my appliances for over five years. They are not a fancy pretty (big box) appliance store with nice lights and uniformed employees. What they are is a honest hardworking group of people who take pride in their work and want their customers to be happy. I recently bought a replacement frig that had problems and they went above and beyond to make me a satisfied customer. It is rare to find a company that values good customer service any more. The appliances are fairly priced and dependable. I don't make very many recommendations online but strongly recommend Becker Appliance for well priced, dependable appliances with outstanding customer service!

Richard Wheeler
Aug 11, 2017

The mark of a fair company is that they sell you decent items that may or may not have longevity. The mark of a good company is that they sell good products, and perhaps have a warranty that they honor and make repairs to the equipment that they sell. The mark of an EXCELLENT company is that they not only sell good equipment, and also have an excellent warranty AND occasionally help a customer out when things go awry. We have used Becker appliance for our needs for many years now, nearly 15 years in fact. Some time ago we had a problem with our washing machine and it tool some time to fix it. Becker rose to the occasion like an EXCELLENT company should and offered us a discount to bring our business back. THAT's the mark of an excellent company So we went and bought a refrigerator from them, one that my wife had wanted for awhile. Then when that fridge developed problems a year later Becker not only rose to the occasion but did what EXCELLENT companies do. They literally took our fridge left us a replacement, and rebuilt the one we bought. Not repaired it, REBUILT IT. I'm familiar with the problem that the fridge had and there's no other way to repair it but to rebuild it which take many hours and a shop to complete. And this was outside of the warranty period by that time. Becker had us a little worried when the washing machine problem arose but then knocked it out of the park with our fridge problem. Isn't that worth a 5 star review? There is NO company that makes perfect appliances, to this day the problems associated with certain modern brands sold new are abysmal. Warranties are necessary in the modern world, everything that is made for the masses is made with built in obsolescence. Your going to have problems and I accept that. A company that stands by their products is a GREAT company. A company that stands by their used products is an EXCELLENT COMPANY. I hope that Becker appliance is around for many years to come because whenever I hear of someone having a problem with a washer or dryer or dishwasher..... I say to them. Go get one from Becker.

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